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Cleaning crates, pallets and boxes

Your crates, pallets and boxes are cleaned with the greatest care. Hygiene is of paramount importance at BCS. Service and Quality are therefor our core competences.

We can clean all shapes and seizes of product carriers. In close coorporation with our partner Limex (Panningen) we constantly develop our mechanised washing operation to be able to fit to all customer requirements. Odd size product carriers wich cant be washed by our washing machines or need extra care are washed by hand, using the best way suited for your product carriers.

     reiniging kratten pallets en boxen 35.jpg 




              reiniging kratten pallets en boxen 20.jpg


To give you an impression: right now we work for customers in the food sector, medical sector and agricultural sector.

If you want more information on the cleaning of crates, pallets and boxes, please feel free to contact us.